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isn't it YOUR time to live your life aligned? 

My love, trust me when I say "been there, done that". I know what it's like to feel like my potential is greater than my current reality is showing me. I craved to become the ultimate, elevated & alluring 'me'. So I created my signature method: Live Life Aligned. It's transformed my life immensely, as well as my clients lives too. 


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This is the perfect place to start; a 30 minute, obligation free, Zoom call for you and I to meet, chat and see if TheCoolCalmCollected is aligned for you and your goals. Let's see if my method, personality & approach is just what you've been searching for ♡

love letters?

i don't know about you, but i love getting a little bit of joy every so often to remind me that i'm worthy, capable & lovely.  so, my love, would you like to receive a love letter from me every so often? 

my love letters to you will be short and sweet. they'll have a journaling prompt, a link to either my latest free meditation, EFT tapping or a guide book. whatever I feel is energetically needed for you to ensure you're living your cool, calm, collected life ♡

live life aligned

Are you ready to uncover your true identity, up-level your presence, your space, your confidence & your self-care? Isn't it time you aligned your life to who you're becoming, live your life to it's potential & celebrate yourself from the inside out?


You, my love, are SO worthy of living a cool, calm, collected life, but let me don't know when, how or where to begin.


No matter what has been holding you back; self-sabotage, moments from your past or habits that aren't serving your dream life from becoming a reality - now is your time to reframe, let go and design & align to the life you're ready to live proudly. 

Live Life Aligned is my signature method, created by me for me, and elevated through my life's lessons, my qualifications and my 1:1 client experiences. Over a three month period, you and I will uncover, design & connect you to your cool, calm, collected life. My intimately guided 1:1 method will deeply and truly transform your approach to self with results that will remain with you for life. Through EFT Tapping, NLP (neurolinguistic programming), life coaching and other modalities relevant to your journey and your desired outcome, we will elevate your relationship to self, your health and wellbeing, your physical spaces and your external self; skin, makeup & clothing. Everything you need to be your best self from the inside out.  I can't wait to guide and support you in this self re-discovery journey!


So, my love, are you ready to embrace who you are and who you're becoming?

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Sammy, who? 

let me introduce myself...

north star guide points 

the cool calm collected philosophy

you are your home & you already have everything you need within

My love, I want you to love where you live! 

No matter what life brings, the one thing that is guaranteed is that you will always have yourself. 

So let's connect you inward, embrace your loveliness, be your wisdom & best friend!

your space creates your mindset

Whether it's your physical spaces or the people you share them with, if it isn't aligned with who you are and who you're becoming and doesn't serve a practical function, it's time to let go. 

design & align

Everything you desire for your life CAN become a reality.


You just need the right support & techniques to get you there. 

Dream big, my love. Design your life & align to it! 

mindset & self-care

How you decide to show up & embody your true self is totally up to you! 

Change your self perception, knock-down limiting beliefs, talk kindly to yourself, take care of your skin, dress for your figure & create habits that align to your joy.

Create time, love & compassion for yourself.  Believe in your loveliness from the inside out!


love, Sammy


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the cool calm collected

have you ever longed for somewhere you felt could safely come into your own; where you could be heard, you could grow & learn, as well as build kind & uplifting relationships?
Me, too!
I wanted to find my very own 'Central Perk' - my modern day (online) utopia - where I could go to be me, find me & embrace me. A place where I could explore all possibilities in my identity. A space where others held no judgement, as they too are on their own identity journey, and we came together to celebrate ourselves from the inside out. 
That's where TheCoolCalmCollected found its place in my heart, and I wanted to share this joyful space, my lessons learnt & my coming-into-my-own identity wisdom with you, my love. 


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