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My love, trust me when I say 'been there, done that'. I know what it's like to feel that my potential is greater than my current reality is showing me.  I craved to become the ultimate, elevated and alluring 'me'.  


So, I created my signature method for TheCoolCalmCollected: Mindset + Life = Self. 


Combining my qualified knowledge & practical integrations, we will transform, evolve and elevate your genuine self from the inside out. Using mindset shifting techniques which are simple to incorporate into your everyday life, along with interior design principles, personal styling, skin, beauty and self-care; this method is unique, just as you are. We're not changing you, we're elevating the wonderfulness you already have and uncovering it so you can see it and live it. 


So, how do you want to live your cool, calm, collected life?

Well my love, that's totally up to you. 


When you accept and embrace the totality of who you are, your world around you shifts to align to that vibration. This wisdom has transformed my life immensely, as well as my clients lives too. 

how self re-discovery works

Using a combination of mindset shifting techniques such as hypnotherapy, meditation, EFT tapping, as well as personal styling, skin and makeup education you will be supported, guided and encouraged to connect within and uncover your inner wisdom, evolve your mindset and elevate your life to align to your every day reality.

You will re-discover and unite with your cool, calm, collected self.

Who you are and who you 'wish' to become are one and the same,

so let's begin your self re-discovery journey, together. 


calmness; composure.


alluring, exciting or impressive. 


tranquil and quiet; soothing.

pleasantly free from feeling nervousness, anger, fear or other strong unsupportive emotions. 

serene, peaceful, gentle. 


calm and self-controlled.

poise and grace.

wise, composed, cool. 

self-confident, self-aware, self content. 

Elevate & Align

1:1 Self Re-Discovery Method

3 months of guidance, transformation, support & elevation of self, with Sammy

are you ready to evolve & elevate?

 begin your journey in this moment 


Meditations, Guides & Resources

Lovingly created for you, these free meditations and guides will allow you to connect within, rediscover yourself and deeply transform your reality. You, my love, are well on your way to evolving and elevating into your cool, calm, collected self. 


Evolve & Elevate



A kind, genuine and growth-filled space - our own online utopia - where Sammy shares weekly guiding EFT tapping routines, meditations, mini courses & so much more. Plus, there is a community you will finally feel at home (and yourself) with. It's our very own 'Central Perk' filled with good vibes & kind souls. 




Diving deep into topics like self-love, skin, beauty, mindset, personal styling, energy & energetics, decor, wellbeing and modern spirituality, The Cool Calm Collected Podcast combines practical teachings with actionable guidance, kindness and joy to ensure your personal growth and self rediscovery journey is supportive and elevated. 

Sammy & You

1:1 Self Re-Discovery Sessions

No matter which phase of your self re-discovery journey you are currently on, there is always a benefit in seeking out guidance and support to get you where you want to go, faster. 

✧ Mindset, Habits & Outcomes  

As a qualified meditation, hypnosis and EFT practitioner I will create bespoke sessions for you to elevate, evolve & align your life from where you are now, to where you want to be. 

✧ Space ✧

 Whether you need to re-energise your physical space, your mental space or the spaces you share with others together we'll uncover what aligns best for you to have you living that cool, calm, collected life. 

✧ Self-Care & Appearance 

No, this doesn't mean you're vain or self-centred. Caring about the way you feel, look and present yourself is vital when it comes to confidence, self acceptance, self-love and self worth. Sammy's professional experience and qualifications in make-up, skin and personal styling will elevate what you already have and align it to your goals so you can always feel 100% from the inside out.

written for you, with love

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the cool calm collected philosophy

north star guide points 

you already have everything you need within

My love, no matter what life brings, the one thing that is guaranteed is that you will always have yourself. 

So let's connect you inward, embrace your loveliness, be your wisdom & best friend!

your space creates your mindset

Whether it's your physical spaces or the people you share them with, if it isn't aligned with who you are and who you're becoming and doesn't serve a practical function, it's time to let go. 

design & align

Everything you desire for your life CAN become a reality.


You just need the right support & techniques to get you there. 

Dream big, my love. Design your life & align to it! 

mindset & self-care

How you decide to show up & embody your true self is totally up to you! 

Change your self perception, knock-down limiting beliefs, talk kindly to yourself, take care of your skin, dress for your figure & create habits that align to your joy.

Create time, love & compassion for yourself.  Believe in your loveliness from the inside out!

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