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Sammy Stephen, The Cool Calm Collected

I was recently asked what I feel is my greatest gift.

I answered that I see beauty in people when they can not see it themselves. I truly feel that way, and it's something I recognised within myself when I first started my career in the beauty industry working for Chanel many, many years ago. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
I loved being able to show beautiful souls that they didn't need to mask their beauty and true identity with the latest colour palette, make-up and fancy face creams. While these products will enhance their natural beauty, it wasn't the answer in finding self contentment and connection to their true self identity. I loved my job. But not because of the brand power or the products. It was for the people I served. I built incredibly beautiful relationships with my customers, and they continued to return because they saw progress in themselves; through slight tweaks here and there with the tangible, but the true differences and deep shifts were in the intangible. The way they began to see themselves, recognise their worth, their beauty, their soul. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

I always recognised their beauty first - seeing the beauty in their unseen - but the language they used to describe themselves and what they felt they were missing is what drove me. While these were all surface level, I knew deep down there was more to it. So I strived to ensure that every customer that left, sale or not, left feeling lighter about their value, their purpose and themselves as a whole.

The time came where I need to shift my career to align to my values, and I shifted into the skin world, diving deep in dermal education. I worked so incredibly hard learning all I could, working with real life clients and their skin concerns and went on to become Business Development Manager, Educator & Trainer for some of the worlds leading cosmeceutical skin care brands, as well as working within and training Western Australia's top skin clinics.

The problem still remained - although my clients had changed, the issues with the beautiful people I was training and working with were still there. The mindset was what needed to be nurtured. And, that's when TheCoolCalmCollected came to life. 

Sammy Stephen, The Cool Calm Collected
Sammy Stephen, The Cool Calm Collected

I knew TheCoolCalmCollected was destined to be more than a hobby/beauty blog and needed to be a space were I could continue to serve those who need a reminder of just how lovely they truly are. I wanted everyone to know that they already held all the answers they needed, the beauty they sought after and the dreams they wished to fulfil.

I knew my purpose in this lifetime was to guide people to design and align to the cool, calm, collected life they are so worthy of living. 

In true Sammy style, I studied and learnt techniques, tools and gained qualifications in mindset and energy work. 

I proudly and humbly serve beautiful souls on claiming their truest identity. Together we design, build and align to the life they're destined to live. 

TheCoolCalmCollected has become a place of home - just as I refer to ourselves as our true homes - TheCoolCalmCollected has become our clubhouse, our "Central Perk" and utopia for like minded souls who are ready to support and be supported as they up level their lives with me.


I will forever be in awe of the incredible people I am fortunate enough to guide and connect deeply with through TheCoolCalmCollected.  

Sammy, who? 

Well, I'm a big-sister at heart who can speak fluent 'Friends'. 

I adore my life: my husband Jamie, my puppies Coco & Archie are my best-est friends in the whole world, and together we live in beautiful Western Australia. 

I care deeply about others, and nothing makes my heart happier than dancing around the house (r'n'b, 80's and 90's pop are life!), laughing til my stomach hurts, feeling the warmth of sunshine on my skin and floating in the ocean.


I love fresh flowers, matcha tea, margarita's, and fresh, crisp bed linens. 

I journal, I EFT Tap, I meditate, I love watching the moon rise and the stars twinkle. Palm Springs is my obsession, along with architecture, real estate, natural and ancient history and admiring beautiful interior design. 

My work is my soul purpose, and that lights me up. I learn deeply, and don't take the opportunity to connect with beautiful people lightly. I am here to serve, share laughs, wipe away tears and give big squeezes. 

However you experience TheCoolCalmCollected, I'm just so happy to have connected with you and I hope that if nothing else you take away the truth of your worthiness and deeply resonate with the knowledge that you are lovely; no if's, but's or maybe's. 

Sammy x