1:1 Self Re-Discovery Method

3 months of guidance, transformation, support

& elevation of self, with Sammy

Sammy Stephen, The Cool Calm Collected

Are you ready to uncover your true identity, up-level your presence, your space, your confidence & your self-care? Isn't it time you aligned your life to who you're becoming, live your life to its potential & celebrate yourself from the inside out?


You, my love, are SO worthy of living a cool, calm, collected life, but let me guess...you don't know when, how or where to begin.


No matter what has been holding you back; self-sabotage, moments from your past or habits that aren't serving your dream life from becoming a reality - now is your time to reframe, let go, elevate & align to the life you're ready to live proudly. 

Elevate & Align is my signature method, created by me for me, and upleveled through my life's lessons, my qualifications and my 1:1 client experiences. Over a three month period, you and I will uncover, evolve, elevate, align & connect you to your cool, calm, collected life.

My intimately guided 1:1 method will deeply and truly transform your approach to self with results that will remain with you for life.

Through EFT Tapping, NLP (neurolinguistic programming), hypnosis, meditation and other modalities relevant to your journey and your desired outcome, we will elevate your relationship to self, your health and wellbeing, your physical spaces and your external self; skin, makeup & clothing. Everything you need to be your best self from the inside out.

 I can't wait to guide and support you in this self re-discovery journey!


So, my love, are you ready to embrace who you are and who you're becoming?

Over three months, you and I will deeply uncover and re-discover who you are, your potential and how to bring it all together from the inside out to truly, honestly, authentically live the reality of your cool, calm, collected life. 

As with everything in life, to really achieve your desires and goals, you have to commit and give it your all to see the tangible results. 

Everything we do together, from the daily practices and rituals to the techniques used for mindset elevation, inner connection, space enlivenment, skin + makeup + style rejuvenation...it's all achievable within your daily life.

It may mean you have to change some habits that aren't serving you, and that's okay. We'll be using proven hypnosis, meditation and EFT to transform those limiting patterns into ones that serve and support you. 

✧ You'll need to commit to one hour per fortnight with me via Zoom.

✧ You'll need to commit to daily practices for yourself (that Sammy will supply you with for you to take action on). This can be a little as ten minutes per day. 

✧ The cost is $3,330.00. Payment instalments are available to support you in your transformation, however you need. 

✧ We begin whenever you're ready.

The Logistics & Resources:

✧ A fortnightly Zoom call with Sammy, following the unique Elevate & Align Method framework: self re-discovery, mindset, space, self-care & personal styling.

✧ A personally designed meditation, hypnosis and EFT library - just for you, your needs and your goals. Delivered to you alternating fortnights to our Zoom calls. 

✧  E-Books and Guidebooks to support you on your journey and each phase of the Elevate & Align Method. 

✧ Unlimited access to Sammy via email and messages. 

✧ Access to The Cool Calm Collected Elevate & Evolve Membership. 

what you'll experience

are you worthy of this

your commitment

My love, more than anything in this world I wish for you to read that questions and shout out 'YES'. That is why I do what I do. 

You. Are. SO. Worthy. 

You are worth of anything and everything you wish for your life, and this moment in your journey is supporting you to realise this. 

Connecting within and re-discovering yourself is crucial in embracing your totality, your potential and your truest, deepest joy. 

If you answered 'NO', then my goodness it is time for you to change that narrative and celebrate all that you are from the inside out. Let me support you, encourage you, squeeze you (virtually) and love on you. No matter what has lead you here, please know that you are in the right place. Ultimate, elevated and deep self love is achievable, as is living your cool, calm, collected life proudly. You, my love, are no exception. 

Sammy Stephen, The Cool Calm Collected