Do you love where you live? Try these simple tips to help you answer 'YES!'

Your home is where your heart is, right? I believe this on two levels: the first being where we physically live, & also that our body (mind & soul) is also our home, & it’s therefore so important that the two work in complete alignment & comfort, together.

When it comes to your physical spaces, where do you find yourself in the most, & where do you find yourself avoiding the most?

This is something that I love working through with my clients, & also with myself - the joy of decluttering & aligning your space is so vital to the way you function, the mood & energy you embody & the outputs that come back at you through life’s wonderful (or not so wonderful experiences).

It’s incredible how much ‘stuff’ we hold within both our physical space & our bodies - all of which needs a good spring clean every so often. I usually find that this festive season is a great time to reconsider what you actually need in your physical space, & by lightening the load you’ll also end up clearing up a lot of mental & emotional stuff too. It’s a win, win! The upcoming Christmas/New Year break is a great time to reassess what you have, what you need & what no longer aligns to your energy or becoming. It’s also usually a time when there is an influx of ‘new’ - new gifts, new energy, new resolutions.

So, what are my key elements to guide you as you go through this declutter of your home? Let me share them with you, now.

Understanding what clutter actually is: is it a mess, or acculturation of stuff you don’t use, need or have space for?

Clutter isn't the same as untidiness, but can most definitely present that way! Clutter accumulates without your knowing, and doesn't really have a place to call home, within your home.

Get to the route of the problem: When did it arrive? How is it affecting you? Why do you avoid tackling it? What’s the difference it will make to see it go?

Sometimes, clutter can be a mask for something else, so asking yourself those questions can really help to aid in the clear out. Be honest with yourself, as the clearer you are with yourself, the clearer your space will become, too!

A good example of this is our wardrobe or closet space. As women, we tend to hold on to clothing due to emotional connections. Do you have a 'just in case' section, or a 'one day I'll have a dream shoe closet for my 100+ shoes'?

These items, whether in the office, bedroom, kitchen or else where are usually a connection to a time, place or person that we don't realise there is an attachment there; and likely one that is holding us back from becoming what we truly desire. That desire is always reflected in our spaces; acheived or blocked.

Back to basics: Dedicate a realistic time to work through it, make it fun by blasting your favourite music & get going. Go room by room to save overwhelm.

If it helps, bring in a unbiased bestie to help give some real-life feedback - especially on the clothes front. A second opinion never hurts!

Also be realistic with the time you are willing to spend on each given task. Think you can smash out a whole house clear out within a day? Hmm...maybe, but most likely not. A good idea would be to allocate a few hours per rooom, and ensure you have the right tools to help you through: bin bags, label (keep, sell, donate) and other organisational elements if you are wanting to hold on to items.

Memory lane, or drain?: Sentimental value that benefits, or disrupts?

Sentimental items can be so hard to break-up with, even if you never liked them to begin with (if they were gifted to you). Sometimes a 'declutter' can be as simple as removing these sentimental items that speak to you, but you don't need in your day-to-day presence into a more safe, out of the way location. Items from a passed loved one, our little loves drawings and creations from school or even our old memories from previous friendships and relationships, or careers - not everything has to be removed from the house. They may just need a nice new home, within your house. Purchase a nice, air-tight storage box (especially for the more special items) to store away in the garage, or a linen closet.

One soul's trash, is another's treasure...If you struggle to get rid of something due to it's financial value, why not sell it?

If you're feeling uncertain or unmotivated still, why not try incentivising yourself by selling the items you know you can get some money for? Energy exchange is everything, so don't be afraid of saying farewell to something that could likely bring in something even better, just for you!

So tell me, my love, what has been your hardest and yet most rewarding declutter?

Mine was my closet!! Even though I had 'one day' dreams and hopes, it was holding me back from enjoying my today, so I embraced my figure as it is now and got rid of those jeans that just didn't flatter my vibe any longer. I feel free, light and beautiful! Decluttering can be a task, but it's so worth the journey and the confidence boost you feel at the end!

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