Does your outside match your inside?

Our outside is generally a great indication of what's going on in our inside. So, what does your outside say about you, right now?

For me, I function very poorly when I have mess or 'stuff' around me. If I have a messy outside, I know for sure my mind is going to become messy which leads to less than ideal self-appearance & mindset. I become flustered, indecisive & take on an overall feeling of 'being in a rut'.

Your Inside vs Your Outside:

☼ Your outside:

- your bedroom, kitchen, living room (any space). Does your bathroom have too many products on display? Overwhelm is real when it comes to what we have around us, & usually defeats the purpose of having those things to begin with!

- your appearance. I'mma tell you right now that I'm a big fan of dry shampoo, but there are only so many days I can get away with it before it starts to play on my mental frame of mind too. That skin care routine, too complicated? Clothes needing to be ironed/put away...meh. If you don't FEEL 'put-together' it's likely your output won't be of a good standard either.

⋒ Your inside:

- the way you talk to yourself

- the way you engage with others

- perception of the moment you're in

- the way you feed & nourish yourself

Once you begin to recognise your habits, good or bad, you can start to choose what you need around you to achieve your desired input & output by bringing your inside & outside needs into alignment.

✨ Small steps can lead to big change, & where we live - both within our four walls, & within our bodies, counts!✨

So, my love, how does your outside reflect your inside? Or how is your inside aligning to your outside?

Here is my list of what you can do to elevate both your inside & your outside!

Write a list of what stresses you out. How can you eliminate some of those more practical stressors? (e.g. cleaning = invest in a cleaner 1 x week)

If you need to feel more grounded in your spaces, buy an indoor plant

De-clutter! We humans love to be materialistic, but you know what? It doesn't come with us in the end, so if your 'things' are cramping your style, it's time they go! Block out a night or a weekend and go through your house, room by room, and create piles = 'bin', 'donate', 'keep'.

Bathroom & Beauty cabinets: this can be as emotional as clothes. We get attached to what we buy, whether we use it or not. The bonus with things in this room is that they have expiry dates. If its been in your cupboard for more than 6 months un touched (and out of date) throw it! If its skincare opened for more than three months, throw it as it's likely oxidised and will do more harm than good at this stage of its life.

Move yo self! Movement is one of the best ways to connect to yourself, re-group your thoughts (or forget about them for 30 minutes) and come to clear and concise answers.

Create a capsule wardrobe. Less clothes = less time spent washing, ironing and deciding what you should wear each day. Be ruthlessly honest with yourself; if it doesn't fit or feel right, donate it. If your body shape has changed, own it and invest in pieces that will make you feel great every time you wear them!

Take the 'Quality over Quantity' approach in life. Less is more, my love!

Get off your phone! Mindless scrolling isn't good for anyone's mental health, or motivational when it comes to achieving our own goals. Instead of observing someone achieving theirs, get moving on achieving yours!

Meditate! There is a great library of meditations online, so try a guided meditation out to encourage some 'you' time.

Mirror Chat: This one might sound a little odd, or daunting but, my love, it is an absolute magnet for change! How we perceive and speak to ourselves has boundless affect on our output in life, so what better way to give yourself a pep-talk than looking at your lovely self as you do it!

TAP! Tapping, or EFT, is MY FAVOURITE way to ensure my insides are shining - whether that means that I'm talking to myself better, or that I'm reprogramming my mindset around mindlessly eating. Whatever my block is that's making me feel less than, I tap on it, acknowledge it and release it. Tapping is part of my everyday. If you want to learn more, I have a great tapping mini-course you can start on here or pop on over to my IG to follow along!

I could keep going, and going, and going with ideas on how you can spruce up your inside and your outside for a positively radiant, cool, calm and collectected life you're proud to live.

If you'd like a more one-on-one (1:1) strategy, be sure to email me ( or DM me on Instagram and we can set up a complimentary guidance session to get you moving!

Big squeezes, my love,

Sammy x