Don't Forget Your Body

These days anti-ageing is SO high on every one’s worry-list. Yet, I find it so incredibly fascinating to learn that people only extend their concern (and application of products) to just their face, completely forgetting that our body ages too. The skin on our body is just as prone to sun damage, photo-ageing, pigmentation, dehydration, loss of elasticity and breakouts as our face is, and the longer we forget about it the worse those tell-tale signs of ageing will present as we get older.

To get a head start on slowing down the passage of time on our beautiful bodies, why not start incorporating these very basic, and easy to do elements to your daily routines? They’re simple, and completely necessary to gain that extra glow, firmness and boost of energy to your body.


Dry Body Brushing

Dry body brushing enables the skin, which is the body’s largest organ, to breath by eliminating dead skin cells. The process stimulates our circulatory system, improving blood and lymphatic flow which aids in ridding the body of waste and toxins – plus it’s a super way of boosting your energy levels in the morning after a night of being still. If you feel like your body needs a lift, tone and detox then adding this element into your routine is an easy addition. Added bonus: it also decreases the cause and look of cellulite. Dry body brushing is done, as the name suggests, when the body and brush is dry. Best to do it in the shower, prior to turning the shower on…:

Start with the sole of your feet, and in gentle circular motions slowly

work your way up your legs to your buttocks (start with one side of your body, and then move across to the other).

From here, move to your hands and following the same gentle circular movement gradually travel up your arms to your shoulders, lightly glide across your chest, and head straight to your back.

Lower back first, then up your back to your neck.

Lastly, you can do your stomach. Always approach this area with the utmost care, and work in a clockwise motion (following the digestive flow).

Body Scrubs

As with dry body brushing, body scrubs are a great way to remove dead skin cells that are sitting on the surface. Coffee scrubs are favourite for the body as the caffeine element within the exfoliator boosts your microcirculation. The bonus with using a scrub is that it’s slightly more time saving as you are able to do it in the shower, while your body’s wet (which is also nicer for those of you who are winter babes and don’t want to deal with the cold!). Follow the same steps as listed for Dry Body Brushing.


Just as we do with our face, it’s so important to return the moisture lost from our bodies through external environmental exposure – sun, heat, air-conditioning. You may also find that if you apply a body moisturiser each day, you just don’t feel the benefits. Well, if you’re not exfoliating your body and eliminating the dead skin cells sitting on the surface, then you’re essentially blocking the working ability of the body lotion you are using. So make sure you either brush or scrub prior to using a moisturiser. I have two go-to’s for my body moisturisers:

Medik8 Hydr8 Body

There is nothing worse than applying a body lotion, getting dressed straight after and to have your clothes stick to you. It’s not for me. And thankfully, I found a way around it with this body moisturiser. A rich, fast absorbing and long lasting formulation that locks in water to the skin to leave the skin cells hydrated and nourished. This is also a great one for those who indulge in faux tanning as it is just pure hydration for the skin and will extend the life of your tan.

Mesoestetic Stem Cell Body

Now this is the cream that you need if you’re really concerned about how your body ages, and to prevent any signs of premature anti-ageing. The technology in this cream is incredible, as it intensively enhances cell repair through a double action of anti-ageing and regeneration. It re-densifies any loss of elasticity to give tone, hydrates deeply and absorbs rapidly into the skin for a quick dry. It is always incredibly healing to the skin through its cell repair and regeneration element. So for me, with the sun-damage (and anxiety damaged skin) I know that I am gradually undoing all the harm caused to my skin over the years with each application. Need I say more?

Remember, a hydrated skin is a beautiful skin; it will always stay plump, firm and radiant when it’s nourished and well looked after. For extra glorious skin on your face, neck and body please be sure to use an SPF.


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