If you want it, visualise it & become it.

When you dream about what you'd like for your ideal life, what steps do you take to make that happen? Yes, writing them down & making actionable lists that are realistic is most definitely a winning approach, but a lot of people lose the secret sauce of stepping into that reality, now.

The key is to become that version of you, now. How would you feel, dress, start & finish your day, eat, laugh & enjoy life once you have that 'desire'?

Let me give you two examples of when I've desired something in my life & this action to achieve it (and quickly).


There is an amazing company that I used to work for (hint, hint ↑), and I loved every second of it.

I breathed in every inch of its magic when I worked for them - I couldn't have been more proud.

I was the youngest employee for them at 16 years old, and achieved the highest sales in my area. I adored it. Then, as life happens, I had to leave for another opportunity.

Years later, I was dreaming of working back with them as it was the happiest I had been in my career thus far. So, I Googled a picture of their current business card and created a version for me, with my name and the dream position I wanted with them. I saved it as my laptop background so every day I'd be looking at it. One day, I felt ready to make the call to their head office to ask about any job positions available at that level. There was none, but they thanked me for my call and asked me to send my CV across for their records.

That didn't discourage me, and I didn't change that background, and I started dressing like I was already working in that role. I studied the company's history, I created a mindset that represented that of what I would have when I achieved that position. A month later, I had a phone call asking if I was still interested. I was. Next minute, I was on a plane to Sydney to meet with them and was offered the position on the spot. I visualised it, I worked on it, and I became it.


We recently purchased an amazing home in our dream suburb in Perth - between river & sea.

My husband and I always wanted to live in this suburb, but never really considered it due to its desirable location. Until we did consider it. We knew that we've worked really hard with all of our other property endeavours and our career's, so it was possible. Which was exciting! But, with any large purchase, you want to make sure it's just right. So, we had our list of must have's: big back yard, right location within the suburb, fireplace, light and bright etc. Before we found our home, we used to drive to this suburb to go for long walks, buy coffee, go to the shops on the way home to our prior home, basically we decided to spend as much time there as we could to a) see what the suburb is like as an educated buyer, and b) to live as if we live there. Every weekend without fail, we were there. We did our research, we went to all the home opens, and we found the particular area/streets we would like to buy in, and we kept our list and eyes open for the 'one'.

One weekend, between planned home opens, we went to our favourite coffee shop. Across the road was a beautiful traditional 1950's home, complete with a white picket fence and a 'For Sale' sign. Why had we never noticed this house before? How had it never come up on our searches? So, we changed our coffee 'to-go' and headed into this home. We loved it. It ticked all the boxes, was in the perfect location - opposite our favourite coffee shop to boot!

During the financing and negotiation process of the purchase, I visualised myself, my husband and our pups there. I could see our family celebrations, friends and everything in between. I visualised myself working in the room that was to be my office. I would drive to the suburb and catch the train to work from there. Literally everything I could to be that person who lived there. And, as it turned out, our 2019 Christmas present to each other was our new home, in our ideal suburb.


Now, as with everything and anything in life you must 'work' for it. Nothing comes easy, and certainly not overnight. Each example, and the many other's I've successfully visualised into reality, I also had to take real life action. I had to start with my ideal outcome and work my way back; what are my actionable steps to get there? I broke it down to the nitty-gritty: finances, time management, education, wardrobe, exercise and wellbeing - all the things.

For the career I had to brush up on my company knowledge because I know how deeply ingrained it is into their story, results and the experience they wish for their customers. For the property, we had to do our research and save our pennies.

We had to put the aligned energy forward, to get the aligned results.

The 'being' it now...well, that may mean you need to clean up house a little. Both mentally and physically. Declutter your mind and your space by clearing out all of the things that no longer serve you or bring a smile to your dial. For example, your dream self may only wear silks and linens in neutral beiges, so perhaps it's time to donate or sell items in your closet that are no longer aligned to who you can see yourself being? Does your idea self have a particular daily routine?

Do you see? Everything you are wanting is totally achievable. You have to put the positive energy into that desire to get it. Yes, that may mean sacrifices; but if they're getting you to your dream career, dream home or dream self, then that sounds like a totally good reason to say no to things here and there, wouldn't you agree?

Want to get there quicker?

- Tap (EFT) on what you're wanting to let go of, and what you'd like to bring in!

- Meditate and create your ultimate self, and visualise yourself as that person.

- Goal set and tick off actionable items!

These three tools are all available at TheCoolCalmCollected and specifically designed for you by me. I've mastered the visualisation: the goal setting, the visualisation and the becoming. I'm always adding more bits to these resources as I find achievement in them, so stay tuned to find more support coming your way!

Big love, and go become!!

Sammy x