Life Update | January, 2020

Jamie and I have had the biggest year past, and we always forget to stop and reflect on what we have actually achieved, so writing a post like this is actually quite lovely to jot it all down and share some of our moments.

In 2019, Jamie hit amazing strides with his career and successfully (with amazing pass rates) his first of two years in his MBA at university. I couldn't be more proud of him, as it is such a huge achievement, and considering he's doing it outside of his full time job, he's incredibly inspirational with his work ethic, and I am continually in awe of his commitment to his goals.

I was able to transition into part time work, focusing my other 'half' of time on my two businesses and the amazing clients I am able to serve through them. It has been such an honour to see my lovely clients blossom, and although has provided me with my own growth and challenges, I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute and can't wait to see what changes for the better in 2020.

Jamie and I celebrated out first wedding anniversary, which was amazing! It also marked 11 years together, which is even more incredible. Two weeks out from Christmas, we made an offer on our dream home and will be moving into it at the beginning of February 2020. I cannot wait to be our home and share it all with you. I have a feeling wonderful things will be waiting for us in that next space!

On a more serious note, Jamie had 4 (FOUR!!!) skin cancers removed. While we are thankful to have caught them early, they were still a stage away from being active melanomas which is when it becomes a very serious health issue. My reason for sharing this with you is to encourage you to please learn your body, and see a professional for skin checks at least once a year. While we're in Australia, and it's far more common, it's also important to note that Jamie isn't always outdoors, he grew up in Europe and it's actually more of genetic disposition rather than a cause of environment.

There is so much excitement in the air for us in 2020, and so much that I am not yet able to share with you (but as soon as I can, I will!) but I'm actually most excited for the fresh new feelings here at TheCoolCalmCollected!!

It's amazing what some time away from personal projects can do for your soul, and when you're ready to reconnect you realise how deep your passion runs. I'm beyond glad to have such a beautiful space that I enjoy turning up to and writing on. I have butterflies thinking about all the wonderful moments we're going to be sharing together through this community this year, and thank you for your always on going support!

Love you endlessly!

Sammy xx

P.S. I'd love to know what you're most looking forward to in your world this year!


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