New Beginnings In North West, WA

We're feeling settled in our new home, in the North West of WA, and strangely it feels so comfortable and familiar - even though I had never been here until we moved here only two and a half weeks ago.

It’s funny, isn’t it? How change can feed your mind with doubt, fear and apprehension. While I was excited for ‘the next chapter’ I was also feeling unsure and lost. Who am I? How am I going to fit in? Where will I be able to add value? Yet, since we’ve arrived, unpacked and settled into the new groove of life up here (which is super chill, sunny, warm and filled with lovely people) I’ve never felt so content with a big decision; well, not since I decided to move from Brisbane to Perth by myself, for myself, 13 years ago.

So much has transformed into something wonderful since then, and I’ve really enjoyed each stage of growth, even the toughest seasons. In each new beginning I’ve recognised strengths in my character I didn’t realise were present, and for that outcome through change I am grateful.

Next time you’re facing change, ride the emotions and validate them, but don’t sit in them. Embrace the magic that awaits behind the curtain ✨