Goal setting is where our visualisations come to life! 

I've used these techniques with so many wonderful clients, and at workshops for individuals and big corporate wellness brands, to achieve great success in visualising goals, breaking them down to stop overwhelm and create a realistic plan on how to align to those goals and actually see the desired results. Goal setting is fun when done right, and these will most definitely see you enjoying the process - which of course brings great energy to the goals, leading to manifestion and true alignment! 


Within this bundle you'll recieve:

- Vision & Goals Affirmations

- Your Vision Mission: A Goal's Sweet Spot

- Finding Your Goals

- Achieving Your Goals

- Goal Weekly Reflection

- Your Future Self Meditation (Written & Recorded by Sammy Stephen)


Energy is everything, so if you want to create and manifest great things in your life, you have to align to that energy. How do you know what you want to create and manifest? Goals! 


Future Self & Goal Setting Bundle

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