Tapping has made such a profound difference for me in my life, and I know it will do the same for you. Tapping works by using the energy within our body and acupressure points to release self-sabotaging blocks. You name the problem, Tapping will knock it out of the park! 


This mini course is a deep-dive 11 page document filled with all the essential 101's you need to know to start tapping, and continue tapping. It includes a body point chart, statements, and a script that you can personalise for whatever problem you're having. 


It also contains a very special BONUS: a 1:1 with me for a personalised tapping script. All you need to do to claim our meeting is submit your purchase order number via email to hello@thecoolcalmcollected.com 


Being courageous and acknowledging your personal block(s) is a big step in showing yourself that you’re ready to beat it at its own self-sabotaging game - so high-fives to you!

Tapping Mini-Course


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