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The Cool Calm Collected was born out of a craving I had to find a place where like minded souls could come together to celebrate who they were, who they are, and who they're becoming.

I always longed for a place to call home, and realised through many life experiences, that I am in fact my true home. That's when everything began to shift for me.


Coincidently, this mindset shift aligned through my career as well, and the fire that ignited within me to bring The Cool Calm Collected life burned brightly. 

You can learn more about

The Cool Calm Collected's story here, but really this is about you, and how I can support you as you up-level your energy to design, build and align to the cool, calm, collected life you're destined to live. 

My love, you are just wonderful as you are right now - in all your loveliness - please acknowledge this within yourself more often; this in itself is worth more than any service or offer you will find anywhere on this earth. 

 Together, you and I  will work through any and all of your limiting beliefs, blocks, doubts and fears. We will utilise carefully crafted techniques, tools and wisdom which I have studied, learnt, qualified in and proudly use with my incredibly lovely clients to achieve a cool, calm, collected life that you're proud to live. 

The Cool Calm Collected is home to many amazing free resources, downloadables, meditations, guides, courses, e-book's, workshops and The Cool Calm Collected Club membership community, and I offer specialised 1:1 sessions for beautiful souls ready to live a life aligned, however I always suggest that we find a time to chat together first to sync up our energies and ensure that we are the right fit for each other. How does that sound, my love?



book your  complimentary 1:1 alignment call with sammy

do you already know which self re-discovery path you want to take? 

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